During cold weather the heating medium temperature at Chelyabinsk power plant is kept at about 115 degrees centigrade, says Chelyabinsk power supplier

31 January 2006 (11:22)

While the weather remains cold, Chelyabinsk state district power plant works in a tensioned mode. The thermal load comes to 485 Gcal per hour whereas the installed thermal power amounts to 838 Gcal. 6 of 8 turbines and all the 4 water boilers are functioning at the moment. The heating medium temperature is kept at about 115 degrees centigrade. It could be increased to 150 degrees centigrade, if needed. The water boiler load comes to 60%. In view of the gas supply restrictions that touched Chelyabinskaya Generiruyushchaya Kompaniya energy supplier, Chelyabinsk state district power plant is fully provided with the gas fuel, since two of its heat-electric generating stations increased their coal consumption. Reliable gas fueling was also facilitated by the additional gas-distributing station installed at Chelyabinsk state district power plant in the end of 2005.

About 70 million RUR was provided for rehabilitation of Chelyabinsk state district power plant in 2005 altogether.

Investment programs of TGK-10 energy supplier for 2006 – 2007 envisage replacement of the Metropolitan-Vickers turbine #3 with the modern turbine that has already been purchased by the company. Putting it into operation requires about 20 million RUR of additional investments, PR-department of Chelyabinskaya Generiruyushchaya Kompaniya JSC says.

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