Freezing weather makes us incur great losses due to less profits made, says Absakovo ski resort

‘Freezing weather is making us incur great losses due to less profits being made,’ says the spokesperson for Absakovo Ski Resort JSC.

‘We don’t operate the elevators or open any ski-tracks for the visitors if the temperature is 25 below or less. Therefore we had to cancel the contests scheduled for the second half of January; to make matters worse, some of the skiers who’d come for a few days had to leave early.’

‘It is, however, still possible to use the hotel facilities. If a visitor has already bought a multiple skiing ticket and hasn’t yet been able to use it because of the frost, we are more than willing to make this up: one can check out the water park and visit a beautician and a masseur. Alternatively, you can always get your money back by simply writing an application,’ the spokesperson noted.

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