Ural Airlines: All China Flights Cancelled

4 February 2020 (09:35)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 4, 2020. Ural Airlines canceled all of their China flights till the end of March at least, the air carrier’s press service reports.

The following flights got cancelled in accordance with the Russian Government’s Executive Order 140 (dated January 30, 2020):

U6-703/704 Yekaterinburg-Beijing-Yekaterinburg (February 7-March 28)
U6-803/804 Vladivostok-Beijing-Vladivostok (February 8-March 28)
U6-7709 and U6-756 Yekaterinburg-Harbin-Yekaterinburg (March 13-March 28)
U6-859/860 Yekaterinburg-Kazan-Harbin and Harbin-Kazan-Yekaterinburg (February 9-March 29)
U6-781/782 Vladivostok-Harbin-Vladivostok (February 9-March 28)
U6-851 and U6-736 Krasnoyarsk-Harbin-Krasnoyarsk Vladivostok-Beijing-Vladivostok (February 10-March 25)
U6-899/900 Moscow-Yekaterinburg-Ordos City-Bangkok and Bangkok-Ordos City-Yekaterinburg-Moscow (February 2-March 24)
U6-763/764 Yekaterinburg-Xi’an-Phuket and Phuket-Xi’an-Yekaterinburg (February 3-March 28)
U6-749/750 Moscow-Novosibirsk-Harbin and Harbin-Novosibirsk-Moscow (February 2-March 28)

Ural Airlines will still operate the chartered flights necessary to collect the tourists currently in China.
‘Passengers who’ve booked the tickets for the cancelled flights can get their money back at no extra charge. To get your refund, please contact the ticket seller,’ the press service says.

The media reported earlier that Russian Vice Premier Tatiana Golikova announced there would be no air travel to or from China starting February 1. Aeroflot’s flights to Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou and the Chinese air carriers’ scheduled flights to Sheremetyevo Airport would be the only exceptions.

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