ChelPipe Group’s Warehouse Launches NPS Evaluation System

9 October 2019 (09:08)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 9, 2019. A special customer interaction system meant to help measure net promoter score (NPS) got launched at ChelPipe Group’s Warehouse, the company’s press service reports.

The new solution is part of the Group’s customer-oriented transformation program; the system ensures automatic customer feedback collection and helps monitor the quality of customer service online.

‘The interactive customer service evaluation system is a set of sensory panels: touch-screens with pre-loaded questionnaires are now installed at employee workstations at fifteen warehouses in the fourteen towns where the Group operates. Freight forwarders’ representatives can now offer their feedback on the warehouse performance after the loading/unloading of the goods is over and the dispatching paperwork has been processed. The system also allows you to send texts or leave voice messages,’ ChelPipe representatives say.

‘NPS is not overwhelmingly popular with industrial enterprises just yet, but the principle itself is universally applicable to any business. The score lets you track the correlation between the number of loyal customers you have and the sales growth dynamics. Besides, it’s less burdensome for the customer to provide customer service feedback right there and then, while the index itself is easy to calculate based on just these data. In addition to collecting feedback directly on the spot, we also coordinate surveys through our call center operators and right after a deal is closed. We also intend to launch the NPS principle at the warehouse’s online store,’ says Marketing & Communications Director at ChelPipe Group Narine Fatykhova.

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