Russian President Signs Decree to Assess Governors’ Performance

29 April 2019 (09:20)

UrBC, Moscow, April 29, 2019. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree regarding the criteria for evaluating the Russian governors’ and the local executive bodies’ performance. The paper is now available online at

There’s a list of fifteen assessment criteria:

— the level of trust the locals have in the government,
— how many high-performing jobs there are in the non-budget sector,
— the number of small and medium enterprises in the area (including sole traders and the self-employed),
— labor productivity levels in the non-primary sectors of economy,
— the scale of real wages in the area,
— fixed capital investments (excluding national-level projects),
— poverty levels,
— life expectancy at birth,
— natural population growth,
— the number of families who’ve been able to afford better housing,
— how affordable the housing is in the area,
— what share of cities in the area have good urban environment,
— the quality of the environment,
— education levels,
— percentage of good quality motor roads.

The President’s Administration will have to present the President with a report on the governors’ performance by March 1 of ever year. The methodology for assessing the people’s level of trust needs to be developed and submitted to the President by June 1, 2019.

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