Sverdlovsk Region Comes 11th in Income Level Rating

9 July 2019 (12:14)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 9, 2019. RIA Rating recently carried a rating of income levels in different Russian constituencies; Sverdlovsk Region came 11th in the rating.
9.7% of the constituency’s residents live below poverty line; 1.3% live in extreme poverty.

According to the statistical data available in the report, Sverdlovsk Region’s residents’ incomes exceeded the cost of a basic food basket and indispensable services by 1.85 times in 2018.

The rating states that people’s income levels are directly related to economic growth. Salaries, wages, pensions, and other sources of income have no way of tangibly increasing without a noticeable business climate recovery. The poverty problem is also often related to a state’s social policy as much as to economic development per se. Some countries, such as the United States, for example, have both a very strong economy/outstanding business development and sky-high poverty/extreme poverty levels.

Some countries, on the contrary, manage to distribute their moderate resources evenly, which eliminates poverty as a social problem. Experts expect Russians’ income levels to rise little by little in the medium term; a considerable drop in poverty levels can be expected thanks to a series of social welfare programs the government has promised to implement.

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