Sverdlovsk Region’s Waste Recycler Gets Price Increase Ban

8 April 2019 (09:41)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 8, 2019. The administrative claim placed by Spetsavtobaza, Sverdlovsk Region’s waste-recycling operator, against Sverdlovsk Region’s Regional Economic Committee got dismissed by the court. Spetsavtobaza had demanded an increase in the price of garbage disposal and trash pick-up for end users, Sverdlovsk Region Court’s press service reports.

The plaintiff insisted the committee charged very low prices that did not make up for the office equipment and software expenses. Spetsavtobaza also claimed it was wrong not to include the services of workers dealing with unauthorized landfills/dumping grounds into the general price list.

The defendant explained the price of office equipment and software had been included in the price in equal installments over the period of thirty-six months. As for the services of workers dealing with unauthorized landfills/dumping grounds, their salaries couldn’t get accounted for, as this was the kind of expense that had to be paid for by the land owners themselves.

Spetsavtobaza’s employees’ pay had been calculated in accordance with the existing legislation; the end user price paid for the garbage disposal only included the expenses that the plaintiff could support with strong evidence. The same applied to administrative expenses and cash/ settlement services.

The public prosecutor therefore demanded that the claim be dismissed.

Having looked into both parties’ arguments, the court dismissed Spetsavtobaza’s claim. The court’s ruling hasn’t come into effect yet and could get appealed against. The court opinion will get finalized by April 10.

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