MMK’s SteelArt Sales Go Up

2 April 2019 (09:18)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 2, 2019. MMK Group’s Lysva Metallurgical Plant launched its Polymeric Coating Unit 5 and started making SteelArt rolled goods with decorative prints three years ago this month, MMK’s press service reports.

The unit makes rolled metal goods with three-layer polymeric coatings that imitate the look and feel of natural materials like stone, wood, and brick very closely — yet these are considerably less expensive and easier to assemble than the actual thing.

The construction and launch of Unit 5 went through with support from Russia’s Industry & Trade Ministry, as the ministry placed the project on its comprehensive investment project subsidy program. Moreover, the project is also a part of the ministry’s import substitution program.

‘The launch of the SteelArt-making polymeric coating unit proved an important step in our production upgrade program. The new product type means we can explore new markets and discover new market segments. We are already supplying SteelArt products all over Russia, in fact. This rolled product variety has a proven lifespan of at least twenty-five years, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and is stronger and cheaper than the organic materials it imitates. This is a new thing on the Russian market at the moment, but we can definitely see that the customers’ interest in the product is on the rise,’ says Director of MMK Lysva Metallurgical Plant Sergey Dubovsky.

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