Sverdlovsk Region: Locals’ Disposable Incomes Shrink 3.1% in 2018

4 February 2019 (09:17)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 4, 2019. Sverdlovsk Region’s residents’ notional incomes amounted to RUB 1,856 billion in January-December 2018 (RUB 35,758.4 per capita a month), Sverdlovskstat reports.

One year earlier, this figure reached RUB 1,832.4 billion, including the one-time pensioner allowance (RUB 5,000 per capita/RUB 6.8 billion altogether).

People’s actual disposable incomes (incomes minus mandatory payments adjusted against the consumer price index) declined by 2.7% in January-December 2018 compared with January-December 2017 (the calculations were made without the adjustments for the RUB 6.8 billion worth of one-time pensioner allowances).

With the one-time pensioner allowances taken into account, people actual disposable incomes shrank by as much as 3.1%.

The monthly salary/wage of a person working for a Sverdlovsk Region-based employer amounted to RUB 36,729 in January-November 2018. This was 8.7% more than one year previously, while the actual pay (adjusted against the consumer price index) only rose by 6.2%.

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