Russians’ Incomes Down 4.1%

23 March 2017 (13:49)

UrBC, Moscow, March 23, 2017. Russians’ factual disposal income declined by 4.1% in February 2017 compared with one year previously, Prime refers to Rosstat’s report as stating.

‘People’s actual disposable incomes declined by 4.1% in February compared with one year earlier, and rose by 1% in January-February 2017 compared with the first two months of 2016,’ the report states. The January increase amounted to 8.1%.

The factual disposable income consists in income remaining after all the indispensable payments have been made, with inflation adjustments.

Russians’ factual pay (with inflation adjustment) rose by 1.3% in February 2017 against February 2016 and by 2.3% in January-February 2017.

The average monthly pay amounted to 35,900 RUR in February, which was 6% more than one year earlier; the January-February figure was 7.2% more than one year earlier.

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