Sverdlovsk Region’s Job-Seekers Discriminated Against

22 January 2019 (10:20)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 22, 2019. An investigation of job opening ads placed by Sverdlovsk Region’s employers revealed numerous violations of current labor laws.

According to Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities, companies routinely discriminate against their potential employees by setting specific age, gender, appearance, bad habits, and pregnancy criteria, as well as demanding that a job candidate should own a car or live in the same part of town where the company is based.

For one, Yekaterinburg-based OOO LotEka advertised a vacancy in Sales, insisting that a job-seeker should NOT be someone of the retirement age or have any bad habits. OOO Lyuvena (Nizhniy Tagil) was looking for a driver specifically in the 28-50 age group. OOO Ural-Logistic (Yekaterinburg) wanted to find a driver/shipping clerk who owns their own car and lives in a particular location. Two sole traders based in Revda placed job opening ads for shop assistants and a cook with specific age and gender requirements (Needed were men under thirty and young women, respectively.)

Following the investigation, administrative lawsuits have been instituted based on Article 13.11.1 of Russia’s Administrative Offense Code (Public Job Openings of Discriminatory Nature). The companies’ management had to face administrative liability.

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