MMK Decides On DG Prize Winner

21 January 2019 (09:19)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, January 21, 2019. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) selected the winners of the company’s Director-General’s Prize in Safety, Environment, and Healthcare.

The awarding ceremony took place at the plant’s S.Ordzhonikidze Culture Palace on January 17, 2019; this was part of the monthly meeting on industrial injuries, fire safety, and industrial safety at MMK and MMK Group’s member enterprises.

According to MMK’s Information & PR Department, the awards were given out by MMK Director-General Pavel Shilyayev, Job Safety, Industrial Safety & the Environment Director Grigory Shchurov, and Chair of MMK Group’s Trade Union Boris Semyonov.

The contest got coordinated for the first time this year. The goal is to encourage ongoing improvements in the job/industrial safety, the environment, and healthcare fields.

Igor Kazakov from Sheet-Rolling Department 10 and his project on Mobile Job Safety Drills won a diploma and the Director-General’s Prize (RUB 40,000) in Safety. Prizes got also awarded for Evgeny Bukasev from Heavy Plate Department’s and Dmitri Zikrin from Current-Switch Logic Control Point’s video manual on how to walk along flights of stairs safely, and for Denis Grib from Energy Department’s project on how to remotely control the scale flushing at Sheet-Rolling Department 10’s furnaces.

As for the Environment, prizes got awarded for Alexander Kinash from 505 LOOS Project (environmental protection/industrial sanitation lab)’s project on the automatic regulation of Steam Boilers 1-8 at Central Power Station and Thermal Power Plant’s Stations 4 and 8, and for Alexander Kazankin from Steam-Power Department’s, Vladimir Mikhailovsky from the Energy-Saving Technologies Center’s, and Damir Sultanov from Steam-Power Department’s project on changing the steam supply system at the plant’s chemical goods processing unit.

In Healthcare, the prize got awarded to Sergey Penkov from Sheet-Rolling Department 11’s and Grigory Mitin from Sheet Rolling Department 11’s project on redesigning the control panel operator’s workstation at the coil treatment section of Sheet-Rolling Department 11.

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