30% of Sverdlovsk Region-Based Workers Face Pay Cut

18 January 2019 (09:24)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 18, 2019. Last year, 26% of Sverdlovsk Region-based professionals in gainful employment had a pay rise, whereas 30% started making less.

According to HeadHunter’s press service, their survey findings revealed that more than 50% of job-seekers who faced a pay cut say their income shrank by at least 15%. As for respondents with a pay rise, the increase stayed within the 10% limit, even though the actual percentage increased with the seniority of position.

In 76% of cases, people’s wages and salaries dropped due to reduced bonus payments; among those with a pay rise, 46% started getting a bigger paycheck through increased fixed rate payments. Besides, only about 54% of local workers get any bonuses at all.

Salaries rose most noticeably for people in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, in media and advertising, and in the oil and gas industry last year. Pay fall was felt most keenly in the retail trade sector, education, and the tertiary sector. The pay dynamics also proved age-dependent, as workers in the 18-24 age group mentioned pay rises more often than others, while people in the 55+ age group reported smaller incomes. The position itself was also a factor: beginners got pay rises more often than top managers (the latter were actually more likely to have their salaries cut).

As for 2019, 6% of respondents say they might face a salary cut because of their company’s difficulties and shrinking sales.

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