UBRD Charity Project’s Participants Get Job Counseling Testing

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 12, 2018. Girls and boys on the Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development’s Children Believe In Miracles Program did a number of computer-based job counseling tests. The program is a charity project to support children without parents, and the tests are meant to help them decide on their future jobs and get ready for those, the bank’s press service reports.

This time, the tests were done by a group of children from Yekaterinburg-based Karavella Children’s Center. Some of them already know what they would like to do for a living, so these children were happy to see their plans confirmed by a computer program. Others haven’t decided on the job of their dreams yet, so the tests are expected to help them choose.

The testing was done by faculty members of Ural Federal University; the tests themselves were designed by researchers from Moscow-based Gumanitarnye Tekhnologii. At the end of the session, the participants were handed diagrams presenting their scope of potential professional interests and inclinations; the UFU professionals helped the children decipher the graphs.

‘Children growing up without parents need job counseling particularly keenly, as they don’t have a mentor figure in their life who could tell them about their own career choices. Besides, regular families tend to support their children’s ambitions, whereas orphaned girls and boys often don’t even think of planning big. Our task is to get these children job-orientation tested, see what their inclinations and strengths and weaknesses are, and talk their future over with them so as to create a career roadmap together. These tests are an excellent starting point for getting job oriented. Once the children have been tested, a professional interviews and advises them on the results and the potential educational and career choices,’ says Ural Federal University’s Head of Supplementary Education & Job Counseling Department Maxim Shnyrev.

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