Russian Tourists’ International Booking Window Shrinks By A Third

UrBC, Moscow, October 2, 2018. The average booking window as registered among Russian tourists looking for hotel rooms abroad has been shrinking dramatically since August 2018. The window is currently ten to fifteen days (25% too 30%) shorter than before, refers to its recent research findings as indicating.

In September, Russians typically booked their international trips twenty-nine days in advance on average (-30% on a year earlier). The trips themselves grew one day shorter, on average.

‘It turns out tourists are afraid to make their plans beforehand and book early. They tended to book their trips less than a month in advance in July, August, and September 2018. A year earlier, their regular booking window used to be forty days,’ the service says.

On the whole, the average duration of an international trip has remained the same: travelers usually go abroad for eight nights on average.

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