Agriculture Ministry Suggests Buying Less Imported Wine for Government

UrBC, Moscow, September 13, 2018. Russia’s Agriculture Ministry suggested that less improved wine could be bought for the government and the town councils.

‘The ministry’s draft bill puts forth an expanded list of certain foreign-made foods that will be subject to a purchasing limit/ban if they should be purchased for the government’s and the town councils’ needs. The amended list, if adopted, will cover wines, sparkling wines, liqueur wines, and fruit wines,’ it is explained.

‘Quite enough of this wine produce gets made in Russia, as well as in the Eurasian Economic Union,’ the Ministry states.

The full text of the proposal isn’t available to the general public yet. The proposed date for the bill to come into effect is January 2019.

Now the Russian Government ruled in August 2016 that a number of foreign-made foods would not be purchased for the government’s needs. The current limitations apply to fish, caviar, salt, sugar, beef, veal, pork, butter, and cheese.

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