Sverdlovsk Region: Only 55% of Workers Don’t Work for Cash

11 September 2018 (09:40)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 11, 2018. Only 55% of Sverdlovsk Region-based workers never work for cash and get all of their pay shown on their payroll statements; this is 5% less than one year earlier, HeadHunter reports.

Analysts say the number of those who get a portion of their pay in cash rose considerably this year; however, the number of people who get all of their pay money under the table only rose a little against two years earlier.

The banking and medical sectors as well as the academia proved the three areas where the working-for-cash figures are the lowest. Those employed in the construction sector and tourism, however, as well as those at the beginning of their careers, tend to get paid under the table more often than others: this is true for 46%, 21%, and 24% of those working in these respective fields. Interestingly enough, the more professional experience an employer has, the more interested they are in getting paid officially.

‘The number of people for whom getting paid legally matters dropped from 83% in 2016 down to 74% in 2018. Locals want the perks of paid sick and maternity/paternity leaves, on-time paychecks, and retirement savings. Besides, every one in three respondents would like to have the option of applying for a loan big enough to correspond with their factual earnings,’ says Director of HeadHunter Ural Anna Khvostova.

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