ChelPipe Group Supplies Tubes to Vostochny

21 August 2018 (11:36)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, August 21, 2018. ChelPipe Group’s storage depot supplied its first set of 130,000 kg of weldless pipes to AO TYAZHMASH, the company press service reports.

The GL pipes (diameter: 426 mm; layer thickness: 25 mm) will be used to build parts of a launch complex at Vostochny Cosmodrome.

Given the expected in-service environment, the pipes have to meet special extra requirements. For one, ChelPipe Group’s ‘white-coated metallurgists’ made sure their produce has enhanced impact strength, 100% surface quality, and highly precise length of 7.5 meters.

‘This order for high value-added pipes is a very important one for the Group. Our ‘white-coated metallurgists' took it very seriously and had everything ready right on time. The produce got the customer’s full approval, so the Group intends to ship them another 170,000 kg of GL pipes before the end of the month,’ says ChelPipe Group’s storage depot’s Director Alexei Smirnov.

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