SKB-Bank: 60% of Russians Trust Ruble

October 18 60% of Russian citizens surveyed by the Public Opinion Fund said that out of all the currencies they trusted the Russian ruble most of all. 13% prefer the dollar, 11% feel that the euro is the safest choice, and 3% trust some other currency, SKB-Bank’s press service reports.

The trust in the ruble fell against March 2012 when it was the highest throughout the entire period of the Fund’s monitoring it (69%). The Public Opinion Fund’s analysts observe that these are the retirees, people with secondary education or the less educated who trust the ruble most. The resource-rich groups tend to have more faith in the dollar and the euro. The ruble is also seen as the most attractive currency for savings; however, according to the fund’s data, only a third of Russians actually have savings. 87% of those prefer to keep them in rubles, 9% keep them in dollars, and only 3% keep them in euros.

Experts also vote for the Russian currency as the best one for savings.

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