FGC UES Ensures Accident-Free Performance

UrBC, Moscow, August 9, 2018. Federal Grid Company United Energy Systems keeps very stable financially: the company’s revenues rose by 1.5 times in the last five years and reached RUR 216bn; its EBITDA went up by 30% and amounted to nearly RUR 130bn. The company has paid RUR 57bn in shareholder dividends since 2014. The dividends for the year 2017 are estimated at over RUR 20bn, which is one of the best results in the power industry sector. All these data were presented at Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev’s recent meeting with head of FGC UES Andrei Murov, the company’s Western Siberia division’s PR & Media Group reports.

It was said FGC UES’s primary goal was to ensure uninterrupted power supply to end users. The company’s accident rate keeps going down steadily: the number of emergencies has dropped by 41% since 2012 and by 12% in January-July 2018 compared with January-July 2017.

Dmitri Medvedev said the company’s mid-term development should mostly go along digitalization lines.

FGC UES spends around 10% of its investment funds on digital projects every year. Some RUR 10bn to RUR 12bn a year are expected to get invested within the next half-decade.

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