FGC Directs RUR 20.31bn to Dividends

2 July 2018 (09:36)

UrBC, Moscow, July 2, 2018. Federal Grid Company’s shareholders decided on the amount of dividends for the year 2017 at the annual general meeting, TASS reports.

Together with the dividends for the first quarter of 2017, FGC is going to direct RUR 20.31bn out of its net profit (RUR 42.36bn all in all) to dividend payments.

The dividends thus amount to RUR 1.48 per share.

In 2016, the dividends amounted to RUR 18.19bn (RUR 1.4 per share). This means the amount of dividends to be paid for the year 2017 is an all-time high for the business.

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