MetalloInvest, ChelPipe Group to Set Up Engineering Center

31 July 2018 (11:35)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, July 31, 2018. MetalloInvest and ChelPipe Group agreed to set up a new research/engineering center together to work on new, innovative steel types and to focus on their steel produce’s quality improvements, ChelPipe Group’s press service reports.

The decision to set up the center was taken during the coordination committee meeting at MetalloInvest’s member enterprise Ural Steel.

‘MetalloInvest has, in fact, been doing business with ChelPipe Group for many years now; a new research/engineering center will help take this long-time partnership to a new level: the Group’s engineers will be contributing directly to improving the quality of our steel produce that gets supplied onto ChelPipe’s member enterprises (and is then used to make large-diameter pipes),’ says CFO MetalloInvest Nazim Efendiyev.

Now Ural Steel is one of ChelPipe Group’s key steel sheet suppliers. The company delivered some 145,000,000 kg of rolled metal goods to the Group in the first half of the year alone (only 30,000,000 kg less than in the entire year 2017).

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