CCI Heads Praise MMK’s Tech Progress

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, July 12, 2018. A group of delegates from a number of Russian Chambers of Commerce & Industry arrived in Magnitogorsk to participate in the local CCI’s anniversary celebrations and went on a guided tour of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK); the delegates were greatly impressed with the plant’s tech advancements, MMK’s Information & PR Department reports.

Vice President of Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Dmitri Kurochkin, commissioner for liaising with constituency-level CCIs Boris Ozerov, and presidents of local CCIs within Ural Region all paid a visit to the plant. The CCI network officials and Chelyabinsk Region’s Minister of Economic Development Sergey Smolnikov had an opportunity to look at MMK’s most up-to-date production facilities such as the heavy-plate Mill5000 and the cold-roll Mill2000.

‘Enterprises like MMK are both something we inherited from the Soviet era’s industrial endeavors and the highly upgraded production sites of today. They are very hard to maintain and even harder to develop in the current challenging and fiercely competitive climate. And these efforts to both maintain and develop the business are quite tangible,’ Dmitri Kurochkin said.

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