South Urals, Israel’s CCIs Sign Agreement

13 March 2018 (09:42)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, March 13, 2018. South Urals Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Israel-Russia Chamber of Commerce, and Haifa and Northern Israel’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry signed a cooperation agreement, South Urals CCI’s press service reports.

The paper was signed during Chelyabinsk Region Government’s delegation’s recent visit to Israel. The delegation was chaired by Chelyabinsk Region Minister for Economic Development Sergey Smolnikov. On their visit to Haifa and Tel Aviv, the parties reached a preliminary agreement on how they will cooperate in a number of fields.

Chelyabinsk Region authorities intend to coordinate a number of joint projects to develop cattle farms, set up rehabilitation centers in Chelyabinsk Region, organize training programs in Israel for local doctors and medical students, use Israel’s experience in startup development, and start supplying lab and medical equipment made in the Southern Urals, as well as pulp stuffs, to Israel.

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