Russian Filling Stations Pay 10 Times More in Fines

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 11, 2018. Rosstandart imposed RUR 28m worth of fines on Russian filling stations in the first half of the year — all of them to do with poor quality fuel, head of Rosstandart Alexei Abramov told reporters at Innoprom Exhibition.

‘It took us quite a while to convince everyone that turnover-based fines would solve the fuel market’s problem. And it looks like we hit the nail on the head,’ Abramov said.

According to Abramov, this year’s fines already exceeded the overall amount imposed on offenders in 2017. Shell had to pay the largest fines, as three of its stations had to pay RUR 6m all in all. Fifty stations got fined altogether.

On the whole, the amount of turnover-based fines rose tenfold, that is, from RUR 80,000 to RUR 800,000 on average. The figure might increase even further by the end of the year, head of Rosstandart said.

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