ChelPipe Group Supports Volunteers on CleanUp Day

27 June 2018 (12:25)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 27, 2018. Volunteers from Gorod Pervykh, a Pervouralsk-based NGO, coordinated a green rafting session along the River Chusovaya. The twelve-kilometer-long raft involved cleaning up ten camping sites located on the shores, ChelPipe Group’s Pervouralsk branch reports.

Gorod Pervykh was recently set up at the Group’s initiative in Pervouralsk. The volunteer organization focuses on the city’s environmental problems and tries to draw the general public’s attention to environmental protection issues.

The green rafters collected over thirty bags of trash, all of which will get recycled in accordance with the current waste treatment regulations.

‘This rafting on the Chusovaya is the first large-scale environmental event this NGO has organized. Thanks to the volunteers’ and locals’ efforts, the Ural landscape’s pièce de résistance now looks much cleaner. I’m positive this will set a good example of environmental awareness and will get even more people interested in working on our environmental problems together,’ says Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant’s Managing Director Alexei Dronov.

You can sign up as a volunteer and contribute to the organization’s green projects over the phone +7(343) 27-75-68 or via email:

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