Yekaterinburg: Parking Bans on World Cup Days

24 May 2018 (09:13)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 24, 2018. Nineteen Yekaterinburg streets will be a no-parking area during the World Football Championship days, the city council’s website states.

The prohibiting signs will get installed in their places in June 2018. Most of the streets are centered around Yekaterinburg Arena Stadium.

‘No waiting!’ signs will also get installed in Lenin Ave (from Repin St to Vosmoye Marta St), Kuibyshev St (from Moskovskaya St to Sheinkman St), Radishchev St (from Gurzufskaya St to Khokhryakov St), Malyshev St (from Moskovskaya St to Vosmoye Marta St), Popov St (from Repin St to Khokhryakov St), and Moskovskaya St (from Palmiro Togliatti St to Severny Lane).

It is not yet clear whether the parking bans will get lifted after the World Cup is over.

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