Yekaterinburg to get parking meters in five more streets downtown by November 1

September 22, 2014. By November 1, parking meters will be installed in five more streets in downtown Yekaterinburg, the city council’s press service says.

Yekaterinburg Council Transport, Traffic & Road Development Committee coordinated a public auction in order to purchase thirty-six parking meters. In addition to supplying the devices themselves, the contractor will also be responsible for their installation and start-up and commissioning.

Fee-charging parking slots are expected to appear in Belinsky St (between Kuybyshev St and Malyshev St), Rosa Luxembourg St and Sacco I Vanzetti St (between Kuybyshev St and Malyshev St), in Pushkin St (between Lenin Ave and Malyshev St) and in Khokhryakov St (between Malyshev St and Narodnaya Volya St).

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