Ural Companies Can Supply 80% of Materials for Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk High-Speed Rail

21 May 2018 (09:28)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 21, 2018. Ural companies could supply up to 80% of all materials and equipment needed to put up Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk High-Speed Rail, Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policy Department states.

Development Corporation of Middle Ural/Sverdlovsk Region is going to hold a work meeting on how local companies (industrial groups, small and medium enterprises, and goods manufacturers) can contribute to the construction of the high-speed rail link and all the infrastructure that goes with it.

‘The prospective launch of the rail will bring hundreds of billions of rubles to Sverdlovsk Region’s and Chelyabinsk Region’s budgets. The construction process itself will also be financially beneficial. A two-way rail link will open up enormous new opportunities for companies operating in the Urals. This is going to be a highly localized production, with up to 80% of material and equipment to get supplied by Ural businesses,’ says the Corporation’s Director-General Sergei Kisselev.

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