Rostourism Says Sverdlovsk Hotels Overcharge on World Cup Days

14 February 2018 (09:27)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 14, 2018. Rostourism blacklisted seven hotels in Sverdlovsk Oblast for overcharging prospective guests during the World Football Championship 2018 days, Kommersant says.

Rostourism’s ‘black list’ stems from the Russian Government’s decree that sets an upper limit to the cost of hotel accommodation in the FIFA Confederation Cup game-hosting cities and constituencies during the World Cup days.

The agency first carried the list in late January 2018, with 41 hotels featured on it. The hotels brought their prices down shortly after the publication. The new list currently comprises 69 hotels, including seven Sverdlovsk Oblast-based ones.

Interestingly, two Yekaterinburg hotels were among the top ten overcharging accommodation facilities: The Maxim Hotel was No. 3 on this list (with overcharge at 485%) and the Hyatt Regency Yekaterinburg Hotel was No. 8 (193%), the newspaper states.

In case the state consumer rights watchdog Rospotrebnadzor rules these hotels’ pricing policies are subject to government regulation, the businesses will have to pay a fine (RUR 50,000 for company executives and twice the amount of extra revenues for legal entities). Experts explain, however, that Rospotrebnadzor’s ruling could be contested in court, as the Russian Government’s decree is, in fact, only advisory in nature.

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