Arkady Dvorkovich: Yekaterinburg’s EXPO 2025 To Get Minimal Funding

UrBC, Moscow, January 30, 2018. Supposing Yekaterinburg wins the right to host EXPO 2025 Exhibition in the selection rounds this November, only minimal funding will be provided from the federal budget resources for the project, TASS refers to Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich as stating.

‘In our view, federal funding will be as limited as possible. This is, however, not a matter of whether Yekaterinburg gets selected at all: the money is needed to build the infrastructure the city and its outskirts need in any case,’ Dvorkovich said.

According to Dvorkovich, local budget funds will be necessary as well.

‘The city needs better urban planning, upgraded roads and streets, and better schools and hospitals,’ he said.

Arkady Dvorkovich believes EXPO 2025 should start paying off in the years after the exhibition. ‘This is why I’m confident most of the expenses related to putting up buildings and infrastructure can get private funding,’ he added.

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