MMK On National Purchasing Transparency List

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, December 22, 2017. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) was among the top three companies on the National Purchasing Transparency List for the year 2017 as Private Commercial Customers, MMK Information, PR & Advertising Department reports.

The awarding ceremony took place at Russia’s Chamber for Commerce & Industry in Moscow. The event was attended by representatives of state, local government, municipal, corporate, and commercial customers. MMK came third in the rating of 113 private commercial customers and first in the rating of High Transparency Companies.

‘Transparency rating is a comparative analysis of the national market’s major national state and corporate structures in terms of their purchasing policies’ current transparency level and efficiency. The research has been carried out every year since 2006 and is an attempt at an in-depth analysis of the country’s economy (including the structure and the overall size of customer market, procedure transparency, purchase competitiveness, and the economic expediency of the market players’ spending,’ the Department says.

422 largest national and local customers as well as corporate sector leaders were featured in the rating this year. Compliance with the transparency and economic efficiency standards served as the main criterion in assessment of their purchasing activity.

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