Sinara Development to Offer 5% Discount on New Homes in Volgograd

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 18, 2017. Sinara Development came up with a special New Year’s offer on homes in new apartment buildings in Volgograd, Sinara Group’s PR Center reports.

If you buy before December 31, 2017, you can get a 5% discount on apartments in Romanov and Novy Svet buildings. The offer is valid for customers who are willing to pay 100% of the price upfront and holds for payments made in cash or through mortgage options. Some new home owners will thus be able to spend more on remodeling or furniture, others can reduce the principal amount of their mortgage as well the interest amount. You can get up to RUR 176,000 off your purchase this way.

Sinara Development puts up apartment buildings in various parts of Volgograd. Romanov is a 23-storey building right at the heart of Dzerzhinsky District.

‘This is a comfortable, up-to-date apartment building with a wide range of apartment types to choose from. The inner yard is divided into parking and recreation areas to ensure car owners’ convenience and the residents’ safety. The place has recreation facilities for people of all ages: a children’s playground, a workout site for teenagers, and a walk alley with benches for a more relaxed pastime. The ground floor has hygienic appliances for getting one’s dog’s paws washed and for the children to wash their hands without having to go all the way up to their apartment. There’s an entrance hall with cozy couches as well. This is going to be a nice place to wait for one’s taxi, for example. Thanks to an autonomous gas-fueled boiler and a transformer unit the building will always have a stable hot water and electric power supply. This will also reduce the owners’ housing bills considerably. Romanov will get commissioned in the last quarter of 2018,’ the PR Center says.

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