EVRAZ Gets Rail Profiles TSI Certified

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 8, 2017. EVRAZ Holding’s West-Siberian Integrated Metallurgical Works (ZSMK) got its 54E4 and 49Å5 rail profiles certified for compliance with the TSI standards. The certificate means the plant can now supply these rail types to Europe for use at high-speed and regular railroads, EVRAZ Holding Siberia’s corporate relations center reports.

54Å4 and 49Å5 rail profiles are meant for jointed and continuous welded rail tracks as well as for making rail switches. These are lightweight profiles that are also used on public transport, undergrounds, and driveways.

‘We started making 54Å4 and 49Å5 rail profiles as part of our collaboration with Deutsche Bahn, which means we are eligible to compete in their supply tenders,’ says EVRAZ ZSMK Managing Director Alexei Yuriev.

The company also had the TSI certificate for its 60Å1 and 60Å2 profiles renewed.

The plant now makes over ten different kinds of export goods - profiles that meet the existing European and American standards. EVRAZ rails get supplied to more than twenty different countries, including Brazil, India, Egypt, Taiwan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Algeria.

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