Sverdlovsk Oblast: Businesses Owed RUR 658m in Government Contracts

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 27, 2017. The amount of debt owed to Sverdlovsk Oblast-based businesses in government and municipal contracts went down from RUR 1.2bn to RUR 600m, the local public prosecution authorities report.

‘Still, things look difficult for the healthcare establishments, as these still owe their contractors over RUR 215m,’ the authorities say.

The debt amounts are at their largest in Nizhniy Tagil (RUR 174m), Yekaterinburg (RUR 45.5m), Aramil (RUR 50.8m), Tugulym (RUR 40m), Asbest (RUR 10m), and Nizhnyaya Tura (RUR 16m).

‘For one, we managed to reduce the debts owed to Asbest-based contractors from RUR 69.6m on March 1, 2017 down to RUR 10m on November 23, 2017,’ the authorities say.

At the same time, new debts appear in Yekaterinburg (RUR 45.4m) Aramil (RUR 30.7m), Tugulym (RUR 26m), Asbest (RUR 2.1m), Nizhnyaya Tura (RUR 9.1m), Polevskoy (RUR 4m), Volchansk (RUR 1m), and Alapayevsk (RUR 1.1m).

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