Karabashmed Halves Copper-Pouring Time

20 November 2017 (14:42)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, November 20, 2017. Russian Copper Company’s Karabashmed is almost done with the startup and commissioning of its new mechanized crude copper-pouring facility, the company press service reports.

The plant has already come up wit hate first batch of crude copper made at the new pouring line. The trial runs proved that the pouring time is now down to just one hour rather than two.

‘This has meant our ready produce output went up and our idle time went down. Idle times used to result in liquid metal setting solid before its time. Now the problem is gone,’ says Karabashmed’s Deputy Senior Engineer for Equipment Operation & Maintenance Alexei Khanzhin.

The copper-pouring department also got fitted with a new gas-suction system to make sure all the exhaust gases get delivered straight into the gas-filtering units, which improved the working conditions and reduced the plant’s environmental impact. Besides, the new mechanized copper-pouring line eliminated most of the manual operations that were necessary earlier.

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