South Urals CCI Looks Into Qualification Exam Procedure

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, November 10, 2017. South Urals Chamber of Commerce & Industry coordinated a round table discussion on legislative improvements in the professional appraisal qualification exam procedure, the chamber’s press service reports.

Representatives of Chelyabinsk Oblast Ministry for Property & Natural Resources, members of Chelyabinsk Region Legislative Assembly, representatives of Russia’s Federal Tax Service’s and Rosreestr’s local divisions, members of Chelyabinsk Property Management & Land Relations Committee, experts from self-regulatory appraisal organizations, advisory and law offices, and members of the local business and academic community all contributed to the discussion.

The speakers commented on the limited time slots offered for the qualification exam, organizational failures to do with poorly prepared exam questions, and under-equipped exam centers.

The resulting outcome is that quite a few professional appraisers now risk losing their jobs in the spring because of the legislative problems to do with the qualification exam procedure. Both the appraisers themselves and their customers will suffer, which means a drastic increase in the price of appraisal services.

‘Everyone understands how grave the problem is and is willing to support the appraisers’ community in their efforts. The most important thing is for the appraisers to keep speaking up, fighting for their rights, appealing to the President’s Administration, the Ministry for Economic Development, and the Federal Antimonopoly Service,’ said Director-General of the consultancy firm ObiCon Igor Patrushev.

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