Ural Airlines Now Krusenshtern’s Partner

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 9, 2017. Ural Airlines are now the official air carrier for the crew of the Krusenshtern, the four-masted barque and the last active sailing vessel in the legendary Flying P-Liners, the company press service reports.

The ship’s crew will arrive in Moscow from a barque moored in one of Kaliningrad’s ports.

The crew’s story was adapted for stage in Sea Moments, a documentary play starring Sergey Garmash. The play was created by Mikhail Kozhukhov’s Travel Club. The club has been coordinating tours aboard the barque for the three years now, and the play is an attempt to get in touch with the vessel’s immortal history through the life stories of its people, mere mortals. This is an attempt to understand why human interaction works under quite other laws at sea and to understand who a sailor is and what makes them different from other people. The only performance, accompanied by live music and light projections under the dome, will take place at Moscow Planetarium on November 12. Interestingly, the crew members will meet the audience the day before.

‘Ural Airlines are happy to see the members of round-the-world trips on board. This is quite a new experience for the airline, where two elements — air and water — get connected. Wind blows into the Krusenshtern’s sails, and Ural Airlines’ wings give you the freedom of flying,’ the company press service says.

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