Russian Copper Company Presents Ore Mining Projects

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 3, 2017. President of Russian Copper Company Vsevolod Levin presented its company’s Aleksandrinskaya Ore Mining Company’s investment projects at a recent meeting chaired by Governor of Chelyabinsk Oblast, the company press service reports.

‘The company intends to upgrade its processing plant. The key task is to replace all the filtering equipment (ceramic copper and zinc concentrate filters) with up-to-date filtering presses. This upgrade will make the plant more environmentally safe, reduce the residual moisture content in the concentrates by nearly 1.5 times, and thus decrease the overall amount of concentrate shipments by 5,000,000 kg a year. The new filtering appliances will get installed in 2018. This is estimated to require over RUR 150m in investments,’ the press service says.

The company is also working on a large-scale development project at Katabuksky copper and zinc sulphide ore deposit to provide raw stuffs for Aleksandrinskaya Ore Mining Company’s processing plant. The deposit is located in Verkhneuralsky District and Nagaibaksky District; the development is currently at the geological survey stage. The deposit is estimated to have some 300,000,000 kg of copper and 390,000,000 kg of zinc in it. Based on the preliminary geological evaluation, the company expects to uncover an ore deposit comparable in size with Aleksandrinskaya Ore Mining Company’s Chebachye deposit in Chelyabinsk Oblast’s Verkhneuralsky District. All the survey jobs are expected to get completed in 2019.

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