ChTPZ Group Sponsors Book Edition for PNTZ

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 2, 2017. Thanks to ChTPZ Group shareholders Andrei Komarov’s and Alexander Fedorov’s funding and efforts, a book called Fedor Danilov. The Legendary’s Director’s Life Chronicles came out in time for the Group’s Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ) former director’s 110th birthday, the company press service reports.

The book dwells on the life and work of Fedor Danilov, a prominent metallurgist who ran PNTZ for over three decades. It was under Danilov that the plant grew to become one of Russia’s largest metallurgical enterprises.

‘Fedor Alexeyevich Danilov believed in management principles that still make a lot of sense today. He laid the foundation for the Group’s Future of White Metallurgy Corporate Training Program, which is now one of the company’s competitive advantages. I’m positive the general public will find the book quite interesting,’ says ChTPZ Group shareholder Andrei Komarov.

The book features unique archive pieces and memoirs of Danilov’s family members, acquaintances, and subordinates. The work was created by member of Sverdlovsk Journalists’ Union Andrei Dunyashin and is complete with rare historic photographs. There are 1,000 copies available.

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