Russian Copper Company Directs RUR 3m to Reforestation Work in Orenburg

11 October 2017 (13:17)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 11, 2017. Russian Copper Company’s ORMET directed over RUR 3m to reforestation work and planting poplars and pine trees in Orenburg Region, the company press service reports.

The reforestation is needed after the geological survey works relating to Luchistoye Deposit. 38,8 hectares of land will get replanted with trees.

Reforestation work is crucial to Orenburg Region, as most of the area is covered in steppes. The country’s average forest-land percentage comes to 45%, whereas in Orenburg Region, the figure is only 4.6%.

‘ORMET sees to it that trees get planted in Sharlykskoye, Adamovskoye, and Novosergeyevskoye Forestries in the southeastern part of the territory. These were chosen because only 3% of their land are actually covered in trees at the moment. Reforestation work is expected to get completed by the end of the month,’ the press service says.

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