Karabashmed to Get Kumera Equipment

14 February 2012 (10:45)

The shipment of the Finnish company Kumera’s machinery from Nizhnekamsk to Karabash-based Karabashmed has begun. The goods arrived from Finland to Nizhnekamsk by sea.

The shipment comprises three horizontal 150-ton converters, a holding furnace for the separation of matte and slag melts, and an anode baking furnace, all of which will be used for the production of crude copper. The total weight of the shipment comes to 600 tons. The uniqueness of this machinery lies in that all the technical solutions employed are the best ones available. In fact, nearly all of today’s Western and Asian metallurgical works are fitted with the equipment supplied by the Finnish machine-building concern Kumera.

Karabashmed is a very significant project for Russian Copper Company. Some 5.2bn RUR has been invested in the plant’s development and upgrades since the company acquired the enterprise in 2004. Out of these investments, 3.7bn RUR was directed to environmental projects. The replacement of obsolete equipment and implementation of modern technologies resulted in a six-fold decrease in the amount of harmful emissions, whereas the production output actually doubled.

Under the current development program, about 7bn RUR more will be invested in the plant in 2012-2016.

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