EVRAZ Launches Interactive Project on Employees

29 September 2017 (14:58)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 29, 2017. EVRAZ Holding is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an interactive project on its employees. An online platform (EVRAZ Faces) was set up to give everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves, look at stories posted by co-workers from other cities, and talk to like-minded people from all over the country, the company press service reports.

EVRAZ employees as well as all other people living in cities where the company operates its enterprises can upload their stories to do with the company. Text, photo, and video formats are all acceptable. These materials will be visible to all Internet users, and viewers can vote for the stories they like best. The interactive project participants will get presents and souvenirs, and the most popular story-tellers will be invited to take part in a TV show and spend one of the winter holiday season weekends in Moscow.

‘EVRAZ brings together tens of thousands of people, who are seen as the company’s greatest value. These are people who bring the business forward and let the company develop and strengthen its market leadership position. EVRAZ Faces is a chance for these people to get to know each other better. The interactive platform is a way to create a collection of stories about true heroes who make the world stronger every day,’ the press service says.

Interesting projects, team achievements, things you are proud of, something unusual that happens at work, labor dynasties and traditions, hobbies and interests, your city’s most beloved locations, or just a memorable day in the company’s history — all this can feature as a story, a photo, or a video. The first portion of uploaded materials is already available for viewing and comment.

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