Ural Power Engineers Hold Contest in Chelyabinsk Region

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, September 6, 2017. The 3d Interregional Ural Power Engineering Teams’ Contest started at MRSK Urala’s Chelyabenergo’s training range in Krasnoarmeyskiy, Chelyabinsk Region, the South Urals Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s press service reports.

The contest is coordinated by the Chamber in cooperation with Chelyabenergo and support from Chelyabinsk Region Government. The goal is to look at the Ural building contractors’ professional skills, enhance the prestige of blue-collar jobs and make them more appealing to young people, and show the general public how important this work is.

This year, four different teams are competing in the contest.

Chelyabinsk Region Minister for Rate Regulation & Power Sector Tatiana Kuchitz and MRSK Urala’s Deputy Director-General and Director of Chelyabenergo Sergey Zolotarev took part in the contest opening ceremony. President of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce & Industry Fedor Degtyarev made a ceremony-closing speech and signaled for the start of the competition. He also commented on the event’s importance.

‘There is no way Chelyabinsk Region’s economy could grow without this up-to-date power infrastructure and highly skilled power engineers’ great quality services. Today is the time to demonstrate your professional skills as well as acquire new competences that you can later use at work,’ Degtyarev said.

This is a two-day competition: first, the teams will have to complete a number of electric safety theory-related tasks and then to do practical things like installing electric main supports and assembling fittings and self-supporting insulated wires. The team that scores most points throughout all the rounds of the contest is the winner. The top three teams will receive diplomas, certificates, and valuable prizes.

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