MMK Launches Continuous Galvanizing Unit 3

17 July 2017 (13:21)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, July 17, 2017. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) launched its Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Unit 3, the company’s PR Center reports.

This means MMK will now be able to produce 20% more zinc-coated products, that is, over 2,000,000,000 kg a year.

The unit is meant for making zinc-coated goods through hot-dip galvanizing of cold-rolled sheets made from low-carbon steel. These are very high-margin goods that proved to be reliable and to have a longer lifespan. The building industry, as well as packaging manufacturers, are the key customers for this produce.

Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Unit 3 is now located on the premises of Sheet-Rolling Department 11. The contract for the delivery of new equipment needed for the unit was signed with Germany’s SMS Group in July 2015. The new unit’s capacity is estimated at 360,000,000 kg a year; it will work on the cold-rolled steel sheets made right there at Department 11. 120 technicians and 110 ancillary workers are needed to run the unit.

The construction process took off in September 2015 and cost 6bn RUR to complete.

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