Sverdlovsk Region: Sowing Campaign 80% Complete

25 May 2017 (13:03)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 25, 2017. 80% of the crops have been sown in the Mid-Urals by now, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policy Department refers to Sverdlovsk Region’s Agriculture Minister Dmitri Degtyarev as stating.

For one, 84%, 64%, and 55% of the planned amounts of grains, potatoes, and vegetables have been sown. Everything is being done on the agronomic schedule, with weather conditions good enough for sowing 5% of the available arable land daily.

‘The sowing jobs are all going forth according to plan. The good weather in and near Irbit, Bogdanovich, and Sysert means 97% of the land has already been used to sow grains and forage crops. Most of the small and medium (better equipped) farms in the area are done by now. The cool weather isn’t supposed to have any impact on the process, as grains do just fine in temperatures as low as three degrees centigrade below zero. No frost got registered in the area this month, anyway. Provided the good weather holds, everything will get completed by the first of June,’ Degtyarev said.

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