Sverdlovsk Region: Customers Owe 14.3bn RUR in Electricity Bills

31 January 2017 (14:54)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 31, 2017. Sverdlovsk Region-based customers owe their electric power supplier EnergoSbyt Plus more than 14.3bn RUR in unpaid bills, the company press service reports.

The overall debt amount exceeded 7.5bn RUR in early 2017, rising by 700m RUR in the course of one year; electric power debt exceeded 6.8bn RUR.

‘The power supplier is faced with the need to protect its interests and the interests of paying customers by all possible means. 1,111 claims (total amount: 4.908bn RUR) were placed with Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court last year, of which 583 claims (total amount: 1.771bn RUR) were sustained. Also, non-paying customers face criminal action,’ the press service says.

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