ChTPZ Group’s Charity Event Rounds Up With Children’s Plays

15 December 2016 (13:47)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 15, 2016. Snezhnost, ChTPZ Group’s 14th children’s festival supported by Russia’s Culture Ministry, Chelyabinsk Region Government, and Sverdlovsk Region Government, came to a close, the Group’s PR Department reports.

The charity festival got rounded up with Good Horton, a play by Ozersk Drama Theater, and Our House, a comedy play, staged at Kusinsk Children and Teenagers’ Rehabilitation Center. Additionally, Moscow Puppet Theater’s play called The Scribbles Game, adjusted for special-needs children, was performed for children from Chelyabinsk foster homes and rehabilitation centers.

‘These Ural spectators are so wonderful! They welcomed us with sincerest smiles on the first day of the festival and supported us throughout the entire event. I find it particularly valuable that the Group focuses on children. I think it’s essential that kids enter the culture world and learn from theater and music pieces that boost their imagination and develop their artistic taste. It’s great there are people who handle this task successfully: the Group’s metallurgists,’ the PR Department quotes Moscow Puppet Theater actor Alexandra Kapustina as saying.

Over thirty plays for children aged 1-15 and youth concerts were held in Chelyabinsk and Pervouralsk during Snezhnost Festival altogether.

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