Yekaterinburg: 39 Criminal Lawsuits Instituted Against Debt Collectors

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 30, 2016. Thirty-nine criminal lawsuits involving debt collectors allegedly applying illegitimate persuasion methods were instituted in Yekaterinburg by local public prosecution authorities, their press service reports.

Following Sverdlovsk Region’s Public Prosecutor’s order, 362 pre-investigation check dossiers filed at Yekaterinburg police stations were looked into and inspected in September 2016. The checks all started after local citizens submitted their complaints regarding the illegitimate actions of micro-financing organizations’ and collection agencies’ employees.

The inspection resulted in the public prosecution authorities annulling earlier orders to dismiss criminal complaints on 225 cases, with dossiers sent back to police stations for further checks.

Also, 39 criminal cases with charges based on Article 330 (Part 1) of Russia’s Criminal Code (unsanctioned actions) were instituted by Yekaterinburg Police Inquiry Departments in September.

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