ChTPZ Group Makes 3,300,000 kg of Pipes for Nord Stream 2

27 September 2016 (15:02)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 27, 2016. ChTPZ Group shipped its first 3,300,000 kg of large-diameter pipes for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the company press service reports.

The solemn shipping ceremony took place in Chelyabinsk and was attended by the Group’s shareholders Andrei Komarov and Alexander Fedorov, CEO Nord Stream 2 AG Matthias Warnig and Chief Project Officer Henning Kothe, Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky, Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant’s Director-General Alexander Grumman, and Magnitogorsk Iron & Metallurgical Works DG Pavel Shilyayev.

The first set of pipes for Nord Stream 2 comprises pipes with inner and outer corrosion-resistant coatings made of MMK steel at the Group’s Vysota 239 Department (diameter:1,153mm; layer thickness: 30.9mm). These will be delivered by rail to Kotka, Finland by the end of October.

‘Starting from the early 2000s, over 400bn RUR worth of private investments have been made to retool the Russian pipe-manufacturing industries. This resulted in a technological breakthrough that provided Russia with all the production facilities necessary to build onshore and offshore pipelines. The fact that this country’s pipe manufacturers are contributing to the construction of one of the world’s most sophisticated pipeline projects Nord Stream 2 (they are to supply 60% of all the pipes for the project) is proof of the Russian pipes’ highest quality,’ says ChTPZ Group shareholder and Co-Chair of Pipe Industry Fund Andrei Komarov.

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